What Does Conscious Culture Look Like?

In a world where there are the “haves” and” have nots” ….Where people dine on $300.00 bottles of wine, while right down the street children go to sleep hungry. Where homes sit empty owned by the HUD or by owners who have had to move and their house hasn’t sold, while families live in their cars, on the street or in tent communities because they can’t afford to maintain a home.

Big Government has determined minimum wage here in the US. When you don’t have enough, systems have been put in place to feed the apathy. Social systems have bred generations of people from all races to live minimally like rats taking the bread crumbs thrown at them. . What would it look like if those who chose to work, took home all of their paycheck instead of a portion after taxes?

Crime has become a way of life for those looking for an easy way to get what they want. That crime is not tied to a class of citizens though. Look around, you see it at every level of society. There are those that resort to crime to survive and those that resort to crime to stay at the top of a regime. The good news ….there are more good, kind and compassionate people out there than there are bad. People only know their options from their own exposure and experience in life. Once fear is removed a whole new world opens up.

For a moment just envision what our world would look like if we were all held accountable for our own well being, we bartered or worked for what we wanted, and the value of the exchange was left up to the people who were sharing the exchange.

What would it look like if you lived without money?


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