Our first priority project is the actualization of our Experiential Life Center

The inspiration is to fuel the young people who are our future.  If we do not invest and engage the young people of our planet we lose sight of the real purpose we are all here, the expansion of human consciousness.

Everyday we meet some amazing young people that have so much to offer humanity.  The biggest complaint we hear is; the current public school systems suppress their spirit, label them in ways that create barriers, and squelch their desire to participate in life.

There are many grassroots movements creating ways for our future leaders, our children to be seen and heard. Our desire is to fuel a bright future and change the direction our society is going.  Experiential Living removes the compartmentalization from life and becomes a whole body experience, encompassing the mind, body, spirit and an individuals divine plan on this earth.

Help us develop our future, support us in fully educating and preparing our young people for a successful, passionate adult life.


Bright young people under 18 years of age making a difference:

Michaela DePrince the power of holding on to your dream and vision

Jack Andraka developed a test for Pancreatic Cancer

Malala Yousafzai‘s crusade for girls’ rights to education