Offerings and Support

Currently our largest and most joyous project is funding our New Experiential Life Center with a focus on our young people. We are in the first phase of establishing the sound foundation that is needed in such and endeavor. Doors OPEN Fall of 2014 ~ Find out more HERE


We focus on ways to create community and provide supportive services for those desiring the same.

  • We offer Conscious Culture Business Development.  This is done by teaching people how to access the Divine within and allow Source to guide them in service to their community.
  • Ministerial Support for those at points of transition in life
  • Youth Education using hands on techniques that will change our planet

We receive to your generous support through monthly subscriptions to tithing.  Your tithes go directly to support the infrastructure, local and remote events, and the staff to support  the work we do.

One time Donation

Monthly Tithing Commitment