Experiential Life Center

It has become evident that some young people learn so much more differently than the current educational system can provide. Since these children are our future, it is important to have environments where they can learn in experiential ways by interacting with

  • multiple crafts
  • intellectual endeavors
  • green energy technology
  • gardens
  • livestock
  • business planning
  • team building
  • leadership skills
  • community environments
  • sciences
  • sustainable living …. among many other things.

Conscious Culture Community Center philosophy embraces honesty, honor, integrity, caring, compassion, respect, adventure, physical enhancement, accountability, development of personal gifts and contributions to the community and humanity, enhancement of self worth, and advancement of self-sustainable living. This draws on all the aspects of a healthy, harmonious and balanced person.
We invite a variety of expertise from educators, business owners, skilled craftsmen, artists, and other community members to contribute to a rich and broad education for the youth. This education will prepare the youth to enter into society with skills, knowledge and a sense of excitement for creating a world of peace, harmony and balance according to their unique abilities.

Our center becomes their training ground as they learn to participate with the organization, function, leadership, responsibility and cooperation of a new kind of community; thereby creating a new kind of ecosystem.
We offer summer camps focusing on development of different segments of the experience. Our annual schedule is a twelve-month program, which includes the summer camps.
This is an out-of-the-ordinary educational environment.
This mission requires funds and contributions from a wide community of those interested in assisting in the development and sustainability of a culture and society that welcomes, and is improved by the young people eager to participate in it.
To offer your gifts of finances, materials, wisdom and education, please contact us at 210-549-8245 or Contact@consciousculturecommunity.com