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Doors OPEN 2015 ~ Building the Support System:

Current Positions:

Director of Development
Ranch Director
Director of Nutrition and Culinary

Our vision is to create an infrastructure that is fully contained and self-supporting. In order to achieve this, a solid, fluid and cohesive group of people will come together and establish the building blocks to work from.
Do the terms Mindfulness, Conscious Connection, Internal Knowing, Paradigm Shifting, and Planetary Healing resonate? Are you familiar with the work of The HeartMath Institute, Gregg Braden or Dr. Matsumura Emoto?

  • Do you have an inner calling to do something more than what you are currently doing?
  • Do you ask the question what is next? Knowing there has to be more than this.
  • Are you between jobs, at a point where you can’t go back to the old way of doing things, but you can’t seem to find the place for a new way of life?

If you want to create and experience community in the New Paradigm, are open to expanding beyond your current daily grind and are brave enough to be on the cutting edge of serving humanity, we want to talk to you.
Conscious Culture™ Experiential Life Center is a working culture, educating our young people in daily living skills. We integrate daily tasks, vocational trades, leadership, personal responsibility and environmental awareness. Our end goal and vision is for each person to gain the knowledge and skill-set that provides them the opportunity to live an integrated life. They will have the skills to obtain a job or start their own company, create a vision for their life, and have an understanding of their ability to positively impact the world they live in. You will work directly with the youth, which requires an open mind and the ability to co-create not mandate.
Core Values of ALL Leadership:

  • Visionary – Willing to treat this endeavor as if it were your own
  • Practical Experience with wiliness to explore expansion on your skills
  • Ability to take direction and implement tasks in alignment with the Conscious Culture™ vision
  • True understanding of the power in consciously creating your own personal world
  • Positive, Can Do Attitude
  • Team Building Skills
  • Driven by your inner knowing of why you are here on this planet at this time (no it is not for the salary, the mate, the house, or the lifestyle. It is much bigger than that)
  • Compassionate and Open Hearted with the discernment to decipher Hand Up vs. Hand Out
  • Ability to Listen and Communicate succinctly
  • Solution Oriented (Standing in the problem is not where you find the solution)
  • Strategic Planning/Thinking
  • Self Starter
  • Effective at Budget Strategy and Management
  • Non Smoker, Non Drinker, Drug Free
  • Have a Core Understanding that you are the connection to everything, and that YOU affect the world around you with YOUR every thought, conversation and action.

If you would like to be considered in becoming part of our “Core Team” please submit a letter (300 – 1500 words please) outlining what you can bring to the team. Accreditation and Work Experience are valuable assets, but please let the true essence of who you are, what your vision is for a renewed future and what you would like to contribute to a community reaching for a new way of life and a new way of educating the children of this planet. They have so much to offer us, we just need to facilitate space for them to become all they were born to be.
Email: Please List in the title “ELC Team Applicant”