Director of Nutrition and Culinary

Primary Responsibilities:

Conscious Culture™ Experiential Life Center is a working culture, educating our young people in daily living skills. We integrate daily tasks, vocational trades, leadership, personal responsibility and environmental awareness. Our end goal and vision is for each person to gain the knowledge and skill-set that provides them the opportunity to live an integrated life.

They will have the skills to obtain a job or start their own company, create a vision for their life, and have an understanding of their ability to positively impact the world they live in. You will work directly with the youth, which requires an open mind and the ability to co-create not mandate.

As Director of Nutrition and Culinary, you will be responsible for directing and administering the planning, preparation, production and control of all culinary operations for Conscious Culture™ Experiential Life Center.

Specifically, you would be responsible for performing the following tasks to the highest standards:

  • Direct and oversee all culinary operations, to include, but not limited to, production of all meals, food quality and presentation, compliance with all safety and sanitation standards and regulations.
  • Oversee and teach Culinary Techniques to students and other team members.
  • Interact with students and guests to monitor and assess satisfaction trends, evaluate and address issues and make improvements accordingly.
  • Perform general management duties including, but not limited to, systems management, budget and forecasting, report generation, department management and meeting participation and facilitation.
  • Recruit, interview and train team members.
  • Plans menus
  • Schedules and coordinates the work of chefs, cooks and other kitchen employees to assure that food preparation is quality, healthy, and portioned.
  • Ensures that high standards of sanitation, cleanliness and safety are maintained throughout all kitchen areas at all times.
  • Safeguards all food preparation employees by implementing training to increase their knowledge about safety, sanitation and accident prevention principles.
  • Develops standard recipes and techniques for food preparation and presentation which help to assure consistently high quality and to minimize food costs. Most of the food will be grown or raised on site.
  • Cooks or directly supervises the cooking of items that require skillful preparation.
  • Establishes and maintains a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule for all kitchen areas and equipment.
  • Provides training and professional development opportunities for all who wish to work in the kitchen
  • Periodically visits dining area when it is open to welcome guests.
  • Perform other duties as directed.


  • At Least Five (5) Years of Experience as Executive Chef or Regional Chef with a Reputable Food Service or Catering Company with Responsibility.
  • Passionate, entrepreneurial and dedicated to success.

If you would like to be considered in becoming part of our “Core Team” please submit a letter (300 – 1500 words please) outlining what you can bring to the team. Accreditation and Work Experience are valuable assets, but please let the true essence of who you are, what your vision is for a renewed future and what you would like to contribute to a community reaching for a new way of life and a new way of educating the children of this planet. They have so much to offer us, we just need to facilitate space for them to become all they were born to be.

Email: Please List in the title “ELC Team Applicant”