Conscious Culture Community

We are a community coming together, raising  awareness and responding to a need in this human environment.  Our intention is to assist in raising the vibration, cultivating, growing and sustaining a consciousness suitable for the growth and support of all living things.

In this coming together we establish a thriving ecosystem of gifted individuals who share their talents, gifts and passions with humanity, for the benefit of all living things.  These communities are characterized by honor, integrity, kindness, gratitude and the desire to participate in a new way of life.  This new way of life supports continual growth and awareness of the harmony and balance of life shared with others on this planet.

These groups of people locally organize communities with a specific focus. They may also be web based to promote and support core local groups around the world.

Are you a “Lone Nut” or an “Innovator / Leader”? Let’s start a movement!!


These communities may assist and provide educational, psychological, biological, organizational, financial, spiritual support for the development of the talents and passions of the many wanting a new kind of freedom in life.

There are specialized schools for different attributes, interests and talents. These include, but are not limited to, “green” sustainable activities such as organic gardening, loving beautification of the environment, equine assisted socialization, independent sustainable buildings, spiritual retreats and congregations, health and healing facilities and retreats, independent living supporting the community, parenting for new communities, developing technology for the new earth, conscious culture business development, repairing the earth, and others.

The intent is renewal of our planet, individual heart-felt talents and skills, sustainable living, healthy happy bodies, organic food, clean water and air, loving honorable interactions, integrity of behaviors, practice of open hearted caring for all living things and true peace on earth.

The underlying message is that all beings are treated with honor and value, all of nature is treasured and preserved, all societies interact with awareness of worth for all living things, children are wisely guided to have these qualities of conscious culture community, families co-exist in peace, everyone gets to contribute their gifts to the whole of the community. In the recognition and honoring of individuals, the whole culture becomes a harmoniously functioning ecosystem for the benefit of all living things.